Booking Conditions


As an independent coach tour organiser Eagle Tours Cambridge aim to provide the highest possible standards of service and professionalism but, as with any organisation, a core of general terms and conditions need to be in place. Every effort will be made to be as flexible and considerate as possible in the event of unforeseen circumstances occurring during any booking. The following core conditions will apply if there are no alternative options.

  1. Eagle Tours Cambridge are unable to accept responsibility for the failure of any of the contracted service providers involved with any of the advertised excursions. In the event of such a failure occurring every effort will be made to obtain an alternative: or suitable compensation.
  2. In making a booking all passengers agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of operation for each of the service providers engaged in the excursion.
  3. Package tours (tours over 24 hours and where overnight hotel accommodation is provided) comply with EEC regulations ensuring payments are safe, in a trust account, until completion of the tour and hence protected against the financial failure of Eagle Tours Cambridge as the tour organiser.


  1. Places will normally be reserved for a period of 7 days, from the date of provisional booking, to allow for receipt of the required deposit or full payment.
  2. Provisional bookings, which remain unconfirmed by payment of the required deposit, may be released after 7 days.
  3. Coach seating preferences and room allocations will be held for 7 days to allow for confirmation of the booking. Places, coach seating preferences and room allocations cannot be guaranteed after 7 days: if confirmation is received later.


  1. All seats must normally be booked and paid for in advance with full payment no later than 28 days before departure.
  2. On certain excursions/private bookings alternative timescales may apply and will take precedence over this arrangement.
  3. Prompt receipt of payments is important so please consider alternative arrangements in the event of postal services industrial action etc.
  4. Advertised prices will not be subject to change unless due to legislative changes in VAT or significant unforeseen rises in fuel costs or taxes. In such cases a supplement may be requested or a full refund offered if preferred.
  5. Eagle Tours Cambridge endeavour to use hotels which do not charge single room supplements or allow a number of rooms to be occupied on this basis without additional charge: where this is not possible, or the number of single rooms allocated has been exceeded, an additional charge may be levied by the hotel.
  6. Special requests of room type or location i.e. adjacent rooms, sea view etc may also attract additional charges by the hotel.


  1. Coach seating will normally be allocated, at the time of booking, on a first come first served basis: commencing from the front of the coach.
  2. Seats will be advised to individuals, at the time of boarding, by the driver.
  3. Every effort will be made to accommodate any special requests, or preferences, providing these are advised at the time of booking and within the seating available at the time of booking.
  4. Coach seating plans will not be created on excursions for private parties unless specifically requested.
  5. Coaches are normally supplied by Grey's of Ely but, on occasion, an alternative reputable company may be used.


  1. Under legislation introduced in September 2006 it is now a legal requirement for the coach driver, or group organiser, to request passengers wear seat belts whilst the coach is in motion.
  2. Passengers who choose not to wear seat belts do so at their own risk and remove Eagle Tours Cambridge and the relevant coach operator from any liability in the event of consequential injury.


  1. Every effort will be made to maintain the advertised itinerary for all excursions but the right is reserved to make any necessary changes due to unforeseen circumstances.
  2. Eagle Tours Cambridge are unable to accept responsibility for consequential costs arising from delays or the failure of other service providers.
  3. An administration charge may be applied for changes requested by individuals i.e. change to room type, dining arrangements and special requests where a supplier has to be contacted after final details had already been advised.


  1. In the event of failure to attract sufficient interest for a given excursion, or the pre advised failure of one or more of the contracted service providers, the right is reserved to cancel the excursion and refund all monies paid.
  2. Where possible a suitable alternative will be offered in preference to cancellation.


  1. Bookings can be cancelled at any time, in writing, and efforts will be made to re-sell the seats.
  2. If successful: Eagle Tours Cambridge will refund any monies paid over and above the requested deposit which will be non refundable.
  3. If it proves unsuccessful to resell the seats no refunds can be made for cancellations made less than 14 days before departure.
  4. For cancellations made earlier than 14 days before departure, where seats cannot be resold, the deposit plus any advance costs for services made on your behalf (i.e. admission or hotel charges) will remain payable.


  1. Eagle Tours Cambridge is not registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and therefore unable to directly sell travel/cancellation insurance within any of the advertised excursions.
  2. Passengers are advised to purchase their own insurance from a suitable broker or reputable outlet i.e. the Post Office.


  1. On behalf of Eagle Tours Cambridge the coach driver will have the authority to discuss or take appropriate action regarding any passenger who is acting, or behaving, in a manner which is considered unreasonable to the enjoyment of others.
  2. Smoking and the consumption of alcohol are not permitted on any coach.
  3. Passengers are politely requested not to use mobile phones: or to keep any use to a minimum.
  4. Personal CD/audio and games equipment should only be used at a low volume with appropriate headphones.
  5. Time keeping is also important in order to maintain the driver's legal compliance with driving and work hours.
  6. Please endeavour to return to the coach by the agreed time following any break in the journey.


  1. Eagle Tours Cambridge complies with legislation covered by the Data Protection Act and is currently exempt from registering on the basis that information is held secure for use solely by Eagle Tours Cambridge in the course of its immediate administration and not disclosed to other individuals, organisations or traders.


  1. Group bookings will be covered by the above conditions plus any special arrangements that may apply.
  2. All individual enquiries from the group should normally be directed via the group leader and not by direct communication with Eagle Tours Cambridge.
  3. An appropriate holding deposit will be payable once formal arrangements are entered into.
  4. The holding deposit will be non refundable in the event of subsequent cancellation.
  5. In the event of cancellation the group will be responsible for all contracted costs entered into: including those with external suppliers according to the supplier's scale of charges covering such circumstances.
  6. The group will be responsible for any shortfall in payment of the full amount as agreed at the commencement of arrangements being entered into and according to any minimum size of group numbers which applied and upon which the original price was based.
  7. The group will be responsible to make payments at the specified time to meet the requirements of Eagle Tours Cambridge or any external supplier. 8. Failure by the group to adhere to payment or confirmation timescales will absolve Eagle Tours Cambridge from liability in the event that the group's wishes cannot be fulfilled or have to be cancelled.

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